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So, I totally decided to join the Army n' stuff. Soooo, prolly won't be making music for a little while. But I'm totally planning to work on my skills hardcore once I'm settled into my AIT in Cali, because I'll be there for quite some time. :P

Woah, life.

2011-04-13 21:54:38 by mobious622

SO, life is coming at me hard. I really just wanted to change this. :O

Microsoft sabotaged me.

2010-06-30 11:53:11 by mobious622

So, I was totally going to get my recording program and then Microsoft did it. They released the Xbox 360 S. A totally irresistible piece of hardware that I was tricked to spend all of my birthday money in. I love it though. :D Besides, I play video games more than guitar... so yeah, no recording program. On with the horrible quality!

Okay okay okay!!!

2010-05-24 22:24:50 by mobious622

Well, for my birthday in June, I am getting a GOOD RECORDING PROGRAM. I plan on rewriting, editing, and recording ALL of my songs. So hopefully they turn out spectacular. Not huge changes, just some where I noticed I could do a bit more. Especially now that my skill has increased. I hope you guys'll listen once they're posted. I'm thinking about deleting the old ones and posting the new ones in their place. Either that or posting the new ones with the word (NEW) in the title or something so you can compare. What do you think?

New songs... EVENTUALLY!

2010-04-18 02:16:09 by mobious622

Okay, if you're actually reading this, then that means you must be somewhat interested in my music. Well, my birthday is coming up soon, and I am totally fed up with my piece-of-crap recording equipment, so I'm getting new stuff. You can bet your anus I've written alot of things, but when I sit to record, the quality is sooo bad that I just lose my motivation. But sometime in early July, there will be a string of new songs. Thanks to all my listeners and fans. Oh yes, the singing collab offer is still out there. :D

Collab anyone?

2009-10-24 21:59:40 by mobious622

I've been writing songs left and right, but none have what I want. They don't seem to... feel like I want them to. I finally figured out what's missing. I need some vocals. If ANYONE is interested drop me a PM and I'll contact you ASAP about a nice collab. Pre-written lyrics would be nice, but if need be I can help write them. =3

Even MORE songs, YAY!

2009-08-10 21:27:27 by mobious622

Okay! I have like 3 or 4 songs in the making, one really close to being done, but I haven't deemed any of them worthy of uploading yet, so expect more songs sometime soon. Does anyone even read this? >_>

More songs!

2009-07-17 17:36:01 by mobious622

If someone is actually taken time to read this, that must mean they might actually like my song. More to be coming soon. As soon as I can convert them to mp3...


2009-03-22 10:58:25 by mobious622